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A Note About Copyright and the Web

The sharing and exchanging of information on the Web is very much like the spirit and history of quilting. Quilters have traded patterns, shown each other sewing tricks and taken photos of quilts they want to look at over and over again, much in the same way that we bookmark Web pages, select "print" and paste links on our sites for other surfers.

You will note copyright dates ranging from 1996 through the present time on various pages because much of this information is excerpted from my published books and the From Marti Michell product line. Some information may even pre-date our website, as I have had a few dozen books published since the 1980s.

The entire content of this Website is protected by copyright law.

If you like what you see on our Web site and want to share some of the quilting tips or other information with friends, students, online quilters, etc., please write and ask permission before doing so. I am usually happy to grant permission based on how, when and how often you wish to reproduce my materials.

You might prefer to link people to our entire Web site at if you like a lot of what you see here and think others would, too. Again, please write for permission.

This may sound a little rude, but in order for my registered copyright to remain valid, it is my legal responsibility to defend my copyright. Since it is a big World Wide Web out there, I would appreciate hearing from anyone who recognizes my materials on someone's Web site without credit or permission.

Thank you for respecting the profession of quiltmaking, and for your continued interest in my work.

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