Why Quilters Love From Marti Michell Templates and Specialty Rulers.

Why quilters love From Marti Michell Templates and Specialty Rulers and keep coming back for more!

  1. The tools are mathematically correct and Marti has done all the Math.

There is a trend with many tool designers to cut pieces oversize, sew them together and then cut again to get the right size. At From Marti Michell, we believe in “cut it right the first time, sew it together…save fabric, save money, save time!”

  1. The engineered “smart” corners on the tools are designed to :
    1. Eliminate the “dog ears” as you cut -usually multiple layers at one time and always at the correct angle to guide pieces into perfect alignment for sewing.
    2. Because removing dog ears is done before you sew, it eliminates unnecessary bulk at corners. Long-arm quilters tell us they love getting quilt tops that were cut with From Marti Michell tools. There are no 8 layer dog-ear bumps at corners.
  2. All of our tools include accurate ¼” seam allowances and can be used for cutting pieces for both hand and machine-piecers.
  3. All of our tools have grainline guidelines.
  4. Many of the From Marti Michell tools eliminate common, but wasteful cutting techniques. The best example would be our multi- size tools for cutting Flying Geese.
  5. Even though all tools come with instructions, many are also supported with videos on our website. We also have dozens of patterns and books to support the templates and rulers. Many of the tools are “Pre-cut friendly,” that is they are perfectly suited for fat quarters, 10” x 10” square packs, and 2.5” strip rolls.
  6. Because all From Marti Michell tools are designed by the same person, they have consistent methods and techniques.
  7. From Marti Michell tools have a smooth, easy to “nudge” surface that will never scratch your table. If you feel the need for grip, try “Grippy” non-slip spray coating by Odif. It can be removed so you can have either a “Grippy” or smooth surface.

While the selection of tools is more than 100 different products, the From Marti Michell tools and patterns tend to be created in “families.”

  • Basic square patchwork blocks. There are sets of templates that can make hundreds of different blocks.
  • Basic 60° shapes. Hexagons, 60° diamonds, 60° triangles that make many different sizes of the classic patterns.
  • The Log Cabin Family.
  • Kaleidoscope and Kite group.
  • The Nine Patch Family
  • Specialty Designs like Double Wedding Ring, Giant Dahlia, Dresden Plate, Mariner’s Compass, Drunkard’s Path, Houses, etc.

Maybe the most important feature of From Marti Michell products is Marti. She has training and degrees from Iowa State University in Textiles and Clothing and Technical Journalism. She is doing not only what she is trained for but also what she has loved doing forever…sewing and writing!
  • Industry leaders have repeatedly recognized Marti’s contributions:
  • The Michael Kile Award in 1991, Houston, Texas
  • The Silver Star Award in 2004, Houston, Texas
  • Special Exhibit recognizing the contributions of business to the growth of quilting at International Quilt Museum, Lincoln, NE– 2018
  • Special Exhibit – Marti Michell’s 50 year Love Affair with Log Cabins- European Patchwork Meeting, Ste Marie, France 2019
  • 2020 Inductee into the Quilter’s Hall of Fame, Marion, IN

More importantly, quilting consumers have rewarded Marti by choosing to buy nearly 2 million copies of her books and millions of yards of fabric with her name on the selvage not to mention thousands of tools, patterns and kits. In addition, they have invited her to teach in all 50 states and 27 countries around the world.

Thank you for partnering with us.