8351 | Grandmother&
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8351 | Grandmother's Garden Template Set

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These templates are the perfect sizes to cut 1-inch hexagons, 60-deg diamonds and equilateral triangles, the 3 shapes most frequently used in the ever-popular GrandmotherÕs Flower Garden variations. 1-inch is the measurement of the finished side of each of the coordinating pieces. All shapes include 1/4-inch seam allowances. Whether you plan to machine piece, hand piece or English paper piece your hexagons, these templates make it easy to rotary cut the fabrics. These pieces are also included in From Marti Michell Perfect Patchwork Template Set G 8950 (9 pieces for cutting 11 shapes). This set is in response to many quilters who have asked us for just the GrandmotherÕs Flower Garden pieces in that set. Not small enough? A 3/4-inch finished hexagon, diamond and triangle are available as part of Set N 8956!

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