8289 | Multi-size Peaky and Spike Triangle Set

8289 | Multi-size Peaky and Spike Triangle Set

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The Multi-size Peaky and Spike* triangle tools (2 pieces to cut 2 shapes) makes it easy to cut any size Peaky and Spike triangle set from 1 to 6 inches every half-inch and trim the engineered corners, just like those available in From Marti Michell exact-size templates.

Exact size Peaky and Spike templates are available in 3 inches (Set C), 4 inches (Set D) and 5 inches (Set R).

A multi-size tool allows auditioning different size triangles and is an economical way to enable cutting 11 different sizes with one tool. When the time comes that you need to cut dozens of one size, you may prefer up-grading to exact size templates.

Companion tools are Multi-Size Half-Square Triangle Ruler #8290 and My Favorite Squaring Up Ruler #8973.

* These are the names the late Doreen Speckmann gave these shapes, which she made famous around the world. In her honor, we continue the tradition of calling them Peaky and Spike.

Here's Marti at the 2015 European Patchwork Show talking about the Peaky and Spike triangles with her friend Nathalie DeLarge, a patchwork teacher in Paris (Nathalie also sells our tools).


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