8230 | Pineapple Set for 1-inch Finished Strips
8230 | Pineapple Set for 1-inch Finished Strips
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8230 | Pineapple Set for 1-inch Finished Strips

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Use Pineapple Ruler 8230 to cut 1-in. finished Pineapple strips for 8-, 10-, 12- and 14-inch finished blocks. Cutting exact size pieces from strips is easier, more efficient, and – you will be surprised! – more accurate than paper piecing Pineapple blocks!

We've gone Pineapple crazy, and we think you will, too, once you try this method.

Cut strips the appropriate width. Then use the Pineapple Ruler to cut the exact size and shape of the graduated pieces. Use the triangle template to cut the center and corner triangles. Sew the pieces together and press as you go. No paper to tear away!

No squaring up after every set of strips is sewn! Very little waste. Perfect! Marti likes this strip width for wallhangings, table runners and other small items, as well as smaller prints.

Also available: Pineapple Ruler #8131 for cutting 1-1/4" inch finished strips. Marti likes this strip width to make blocks for bed quilts and with big bright prints.

Pineapple Grid Design Paper PDF

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